15 thoughts on “Up the coast to Palm Beach

  1. love hearing about your adventures. nice to see photos of John and Jane, i don’t think you distorted John’s image sufficiently but nice try.

    are you coming by Charleston? we should be at kiawah with friends Monday May 31 for a week, including two nights in Charleston for Spoletto, would be great to see you.

    Best Henry

    P.S. glad you are vaccinated. but don’t let down your guard.

    1. We might be along the coast at that time—I’ll keep it in mind. Also thinking of doing a 48 hour run from the Abacos (northern Bahamas) to Beaufort NC.

  2. Henny, your blog is wonderful, as always. I have traveled thousands of nautical miles through your blog. Much love from Santa Fe. Sallie

    1. I’m so happy you follow it! “See” you at our Spanish wine tasting THIS Saturday.

  3. Love reading and hearing about all of your adventures. The dog bite was nasty. Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon,


  4. Always look forward to a new SteadsAtSea. Beautiful pictures but with a little human interest – hey, I know those guys. Reb

    1. Reb, I’m so happy you enjoy it. I hadn’t hear from you recently, so we were concerned!

  5. Ed & Henny
    What a fun, adventurous & meaningful life you’re living !!!! Thanks for sharing !
    You both look fantastic and happy !!

    1. Thanks for reading! I don’t know about our life being meaningful, but it is never dull!

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