6 thoughts on “To the Bahamas (and Back)

  1. Hen, somehow the part about the dinghy starting to delaminate & leak got skipped. All in all, a rather up and down month – now that it’s March, things are bound to go better.
    Bon voyage!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Margot. ED rewrote that passage and must’ve deleted something. Ill get him to redo it if he ever returns from Customs and Immigrations.

  2. So, you’re off for another fabulous season of yachting. A bit jealous here. Did I see a pic of Ed in church? Views are wonderful and I like your cooking Henny. BTW was that a pic of Ed in Church, just asking?

  3. Very fun to read. It was great to have you and Ed personally tell us about your excursions. Not funny but you sure took it well🤩🤩💃

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