4 thoughts on “Seal Bay–again!, Rockland, Monhegan, Portland, Scituate

  1. What an amazing adventure. Your nature photos are really beautiful, Henny. So happy you are enjoying this incredible time in your lives. I miss you here. We finally had one day with temps out of the 90s! Big cold front coming today. Mark and I are going to Spain on Oct. 20 – and back Nov, 6. Hope to see you soon after that.
    Sending lots of love to Ed and you.


  2. the colorful pics of the sky never get old!!! i’d like to see a henny drawing on the blog soon 🙂

    1. Is that a polite way of saying too many sunset and sunrise pix??? : )
      They are just so beautiful.
      I’ll work on my drawing for you Jami!

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