6 thoughts on “Return to Royal Island, on to Harbour Island

  1. It was just a little over two months ago but it feels like ages ago. How lucky we were to have that time together and shared experiences. Who knows what and when we can do such things again. And thank you Henny for your wonderful meals. You are a tremendous cook and hostess! .

    1. Thanks, Cathy, you all made our trip! We’ll be back together before too long. Safe boating to you.

  2. Wonderful memories! Glad you have them. Seems forever ago to me. Hopefully that will happen with current history in the making- and new wonderful memories will be possible again, soon. ❤️

  3. Henny
    Always great and interesting to read your blog. Seeing as we did not make it to Harbor Island this past season…….it was very informative of your travels, sightseeing and just plain fun.
    All good here in Minesota but nothing is open.
    Sure do you everyone from our boating life. Looking forward to meet up again,somewhere,sometime.
    Stay well🥰

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