10 thoughts on “Onward to Key West!

  1. Thanks for the great updates. Incredible sunset! Love seeing the journey through your lens. Happy New Year and safe sailing!

  2. Love your travel log and photos. Seeing a lot of the photos from Key West was reminiscent of our trips there.

  3. It looks like you are finally having fun. I love your photos of the architecture and oddities (garden on the dock) in Key West; it is certainly a unique location. Your new bike looks terrific and a perfect size. Keep the updates coming. Where to next?

  4. Henny and Ed
    So nice to read and see all the wonderful photos and descriptions.. looks like you are having a great time.
    We are planning to leave for the Bahamas after Feb 1rst. Heading to Chub to clear ,then Highbourne to fish,then back to Cape Eleuthera for a month, then Spanish Wells. Sure will miss all are new boating friends this year. No one is coming.
    Hoping next year will be better.
    Health all good and happy too.
    Stay well and happy cruising
    John and Sue🐾. Ruger

    1. Sue— great to hear from you? Where are you now, Palm Beach?

      We will probably see you in the Bahamas! We have been waiting for vaccines, but Ed is getting his first shot today (flew home to Dallas for a night)

  5. We are at our yacht club in lighthouse Point Fl
    We sure hope to see you there. Enjoying our time here.
    Keep us posted👍🌴

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