6 thoughts on “One last trip home

  1. Ahhhe Henny & Ed- how I so enjoy your posts that allow us all a glimpse of your amazing adventures on Steadfast. I really enjoy learning about the history, culture & beauty of your excursions. I applaud you for your endless flexibility and fortitude. Between Ed’s neck and covid you’ve certainly been tested. I’m glad you can spend some of this isolation w sweet Sierra. NYC is no where for her to be for quite a while. As none of us know what the future holds learning how to live among this virus, your statement about the importance of friends and family is vital in our lives. Sending hugs for continued health and strength. I was dreaming of seeing you a lot more in mystic this summer.
    Cheers from Newport RI.

    1. Amy, we miss you! Instead of lovely Mystic (or Newport) we are already sweltering in Dallas…

  2. Hello Dear Henny and Ed,
    Whew..quite an adventure getting home..thanks so much for sharing the ups and downs and all the great food…esp. tempting when we are sheltered at home and no fun restaurants to break up the monotony. Today we had rain mixed with snow..luckily have not planted the flower boxes yet. We are happy to be in Squaw Valley where there is lots of space to ride bikes, walk, etc. and someone you love to be sheltered with. Be safe, wash your hands and wear a mask! Alice

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