8 thoughts on “Last Weeks in Key West

  1. I hope you meant “weather window” and not “weather widow”!

    I have always wanted to go to dry Tortugas and so glad you got to go. You did not mention that Dr. mudd went after he was found guilty of assisting John Wilkes Booth. For his service taking care of soldiers and prisoners his sentence was commuted.
    So happy for you to have such a wonder experience.
    We just signed up to come back to Naples next winter.

    1. I could easily become a weather widow!😁
      We’ll have to figure out how to hook up next winter in Florida(and hopefully earlier o the Chesapeake or somewhere)

  2. Loved all the i formation and of course your photos. You are very good at that. We are departing from Bimini tomorrow which looks like a great crossing g so far. Will love to get back to the USA. Was a fun winter but very windy. Not like last year. Will you ever co e. Ack to Spanish Wells
    Safe travels and sure did miss our gang from last year.
    Stay safe and be well

    1. Sue, we have been thinking so much about you and John as we are in Spanish Wells! We miss our gang from one year ago bLeroy said you’d come and gone—so sorry to miss you. We delayed a month coming over so I could get my shots.

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