14 thoughts on “Homeport: Jupiter

  1. Amazing journey…congratulations to both of you…but especially to you Henny..quite an accomplishment and like how you freely addressed your fears and then went out to meet them with that beautiful smile of yours. Happy holidays..missing our neighbors…Love..Alice and Paul

    1. Thanks for being a faithful reader Jon. We hope you and your family are back on the boat next year!

  2. Great blog Henny. I liked your honest analysis of your team building. Having cruised with you, including the three day overnight journey, I complement you on your success in quickly learning the ropes, and Ed on his leadership skills. Great team!

    1. Thanks, Frank. You and Cathy were our inspiration, and Cathy was an especially important support system for me!

  3. Henny,
    I loved you blog. You give me too much credit. Your patience with Ed and the entire boating experience are key to you being as good as you have gotten (from zero to “way above me and my ability”). They should hire you to talk at the Trawlerfests as someone who didn’t grow up doing this and, with positive thinking, made yourself one of the best first mates ever.
    Happy Holidays! See you in the Bahamas!

  4. You have no idea how this post excites me and warms my heart. Having known you two from before you were married and now seeing this retirement dream of Ed’s work its way into Henny’s heart as a true boater makes me burst w happiness (& relief 😅) that you’re adventure turned out so well. Big cheers to you two! I’ve endlessly enjoyed living vicariously thru your entire journey. Happy holidays back in Dallas. Hugs to Sierra & being back together on her break. Sending my love from Caiscas, Portugal. Amy

  5. Dear Henny and Ed,
    What am amazing story you have shared with those of us who are on land. Thank you for the journal and the journey we’ve taken with you. Love from Austin, Sallie

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