6 thoughts on “Enjoying Key West

  1. Lovely photos. Looks like great fun and great food. We just left Hillsboro I let for Mackie Shoal. Chub tomorrow. All Covid test good and paperwork for Bahamas done.
    Was. Rey Time consuming. Good seas . Cold though. Keep in touch.
    Safe travels and stay well

  2. Henny, these are wonderful pictures. Delighted you made it to Key West and Sierra and her friend could join you. Rob

  3. Love Key West and looks like lots of fun. Hi to Sierra and really happy Ed is getting his first shot. I got mine last week and scheduloed for a second on 18th. Enjoy, stay safe and hope to see you this summer

  4. I’M LAUGHING REALLY HARD at the story about the Key West chicken that dropped down on your cafe umbrella and landed in Sierra’s dinner (or was it lunch?) I won’t get started on the golf course iguanas. What great photos! In the frozen hinterlands and locked down, it is PURE JOY to see your splendid sunshiny photos and read about your escapades. O X

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