9 thoughts on “Bahamas Bound

  1. All too cool! I finally have a bit of time to review these. Thanks for all of it – feels like I’m there!

    1. Chrysta, Im glad you have time to read, but would rather you be too busy on the Texas Railroad Commission.

  2. I love your photo diary of life on the SteadFast! As I write this, we are at a Pacific-coast of Costa Rica resort, the Riu Palace. It’s beautiful and tropical here, humid and sunny. Yesterday we went whitewater rafting and tomorrow, zip lining. Guides take wonderful and preferential care of us when they discover we are 75 and 85! They get so excited when we’re both alive when the activity is over!
    Nancy B.

    1. I’m impressed you took time out of your CR vacation to read my post from the Bahamas. Aren’t we both so lucky to be traveling again! Good luck zip lining!

  3. I have enjoyed every minute of your posting. Looks like you are enjoying great weather and a wonderful trip♥️

  4. Thank you, Henny. This is a great travelogue and a wonderful glimpse into your life. I can’t believe you aren’t mahogany brown at this point!!

    1. Did you notice I quoted you in the blog?? : )
      Im religious about sunscreen on my face, neck and hands, but my arms and legs just stay this color.

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