12 thoughts on “Back to Mystic

    1. Say hi to Custis and your sister. Looks like the adventure continues. Keep us posted, love all the photos and sightings

  1. Aww! It was even more fun, and we did lots more than you wrote about. Steadfast is gorgeous. You and Ed are fantastic boaters and hosts.

    1. I know–there was a lot more to talk about, but it was getting so long! we loved having you.

  2. Love! Love! Love! Your commentary….sounds like a wonderful trip though I would have been scared sh..less! Glad you are safely in Mystic among friends…hope to see you this summer….
    Debbie & John

  3. Greetings from windy Squaw Valley, lots of pine pollen floating around…a great day to be inside and reading your blog…love all the photos and your narration of the tight squeezes in canals, docks, etc. So I imagine dear Henny you have your captains license by now…you do look like a pro!. So happy to see Custis…miss seeing her in Squaw Valley…make sure you tell her. Alice and Paul

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